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Autumn 2014

Welcome to Year 1 Autumn Term 2014


Our topic this term is:

Man on the Moon

Our Learning Challenge this term is:

Where on Earth is Bob?


Our key text is  

Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram.

Picture 1
This is the story of Bob. You may know him better as 'The Man on the Moon!' Bob has a special job - looking after the moon. He knows everything about the moon and there is one thing he is sure of 'There's no such thing as aliens!'

The mystery of the lost rocket!

Once we had read the story we decided to build our own rocket. We worked really hard to make sure our rocket had all the correct parts. Unfortunately, we arrived at school one morning to find the rocket had mysteriously disappeared. We followed a trail of moon dust and rocks and began collecting evidence. We collected a pair of shiny, space boots, a shimmering helmet, a tricky crossword and a sparking, silver moon suit. The trail finally led to our awesome rocket, which we found abandoned and destroyed on the playground. Bob was nowhere to be seen...

Oracy focus

As part of our investigations we were able to really focus on the correct use of seen in our speech. We had pictures of Bob, which we showed to people around school asking the question 'Have you seen this man?'

Picture 1 Have you seen this man?


In Computing this half term Year 1 have been learning about control, directional language and programming.  They have been using directional language to give a robot a set of instructions to follow. By using apps like Bee-Bots and Kodable, the pupils have been able to understand the importance of putting instructions in the correct order to produce a programme sequence.  Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed learning about this area of Computing!