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Autumn Term 2 - 2014

 Our key text this term:
Picture 1
Laura is an orphan who has recently discovered at she has an uncle living in Cornwall.  When she arrives to meet her only blood relative, all is not what it seems...

Bedford Murder!


Pupils arrived back to school on Monday to discover that there had been a murder. Working in groups, they worked through mugshots, witness statements and the crime scene to discover the truth about what really happened. As you can see from the photos below, pupils were hooked throughout trying to solve the mystery.


This half term pupils will be developing their skills with mysteries like our Bedford murder to produce their own murder mystery narratives. They are already enthralled their new key text, so we look forward to sharing their work in the coming weeks.

Crime Scene Investigation

Investigations Continue...

Investigations are continuing to find out who has committed the Bedford murder.  Above is a selection of some of our possible suspects.



This week Mr O'Neill's group have been continuing their shape and space work by looking at coordinates and perimeter.  Pupil's used the maths mat and the hundred square on the yard to play a life sized game of treasure hunt. They had to use their understanding of coordinates to discover where the hidden coordinate was.  Then they moved onto using objects all around them to measure the perimeter.  By using a range of equipment they were able to make sure their measurements were accurate.