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Autumn Term 2014

Welcome to Year 4 Autumn Term 2014

Our topic for this term is:


Happy Endings



Our learning challenge is:


Should Traditional tales always have a happy ending?


Our Key text is:

Picture 1
In the text the vicious, horrible witch steals all the happy endings from hardworking Jub.  We begun our journey through this text by thinking about how Jub would feel before the happy endings were stolen and after they were stolen.  Firstly, Jub visited our class and we asked her some important questions to try and find out how she was feeling.  Next, we used our imagination (and new green screen equipment) to transport ourselves into the story in role as Jub.  We then wrote diary entries showing how she felt!
We have begun writing a character description of the vicious, venomous witch, who stole all of the happy endings! We drew round children in our class to create our large witches for our working walls.  We then thought very carefully of good descriptive sentences of the witch, which we wrote on post it notes and stuck onto our witch.  These will come in very handy when writing our character descriptions . . .
Picture 1

Witch on Trial!


We read 'The real story of the three little pigs' and began to wonder whether we had been too harsh on the witch - what evidence did we have to show that she was guilty? Following on from our visit to St George's Hall, we decided the fairest way to discover the truth was to put the witch on trial.  We were all assigned different roles and the Jury made a decision!  Have a look below to discover what happened!

Picture 1
Picture 2

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Our journey through the topic!

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Look below at the different methods we are learning in Maths!
Picture 1
Picture 2



We have been working very hard to improve our knowledge on decimals.  We have been using lots of practical activities to help us improve our knowledge further!

Ordering decimals on a number line!



Our science topic for this half term is electricity.  We begun the topic by discussing what electricity is and deciding where electricity comes from.  We then begun our journey by discovering what happens in a power plant.  Next, we began thinking about what hazards electricity can cause.  Our next learning challenge was Why are circuits necessary to make electricity work?  We were given equpiment and our challenge was to make the light bulb light up.  We worked in teams to achieve our objective.  We then used the scientific symbols to draw the symbols we had made. 

States of matter!


We have started our new Science topic, states of matter.  We have been busy classifying materials and learning about the different properties of solids, liquids and gases!

Picture 1



Our topic for Autumn term is Crime and Punishment through the ages.  We began this topic by looking at images of different punishments and trying to decide what time period they are from.  We had lots of great discussions on what crimes the punishments were for.  We then used the iPads to research different punishments and used this information to create a page for a non-fiction text, using Microsoft Word.

Next, we began to think about why we have laws and how laws were created in the first place.  We learnt all about King John and the Magna Carta.  We had great fun making news broadcasts sharing the news with the world.  We also had the opportunity, via our green screen, to visit the Magna Carta memorial stone!
We were very lucky, as to continue our journey through crime and punishment through the ages, we went on a visit to St George's Hall.  We learnt lots of new information and were able to stand in a real courtroom and understand how the process works!



This half term our ICT topic was Hooray for Hollywood!  We started by watching clips of different films and TV programs to learn about different camera angles and shots.  Next, in small groups, we drew a storyboard to plan out what we would film!  Then, we used the ipads to film our footage.  We learnt lots of new skills, by then uploading them into iMovie to create our internet safety videos!

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We had a DT day and lots of fun making pizzas!  We did a taste test first of different types of pizzas and decided what flavours we liked/disliked.  Next, we produced four different designs of pizzas, which we could make.  After careful considerations, we chose our final product to make.  We made our pizzas and cooked them in the oven.  Finally, we evaluated them!