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Autumn Term 2014


We have been busy reading and performing pirate poems. We particularly enjoyed performing 'Blackbeard's Ghost', changing our voices and using actions to enhance the performance.  Watch the video below to see our performance in action.

Performance Poetry

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In maths we have been working on multiplication.  Mrs King thought it would be beneficial if we played some games to help us recall our tables more quickly, so we spent some time playing on the Top Marks website.  The majority of the class played ‘Hit the Button’, while Red group tried to complete the ‘Times Tables Grid’ challenge!  Watch the video below to see the group in action.


Times Tables Games

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Our first indoor P.E. topic was gymnastics.  Following a few sessions using the floor and small apparatus, we eventually progressed to using large apparartus.  We began our sequences with a balance on the floor and we travelled across/through/over the large apparatus, leading up to a finishing position.


In Geography we have been comparing and contrasting life in Spain and England. We've learned that there are similarities and differences. Spain is a hot country where Spanish is spoken. The capital city is Madrid. Spain has a new king Felipe!

Food Flamenco and Fiesta

Flamenco is a Spanish dance and musical art form.  The dancers wear a brightly coloured polka dot dress. She uses castanets and her feet to tap out the beat. She wears a comb in her hair.  Did you know that in Spain they eat Tapas (small portions of food), Tortilla (potato omelette), Gazpacho (cold tomato soup) and even.......octopus!

Dos besos (two kisses)

Dos besos (two kisses) 1 Hola!
Dos besos (two kisses) 2 We give each other 2 kisses to greet one another
Dos besos (two kisses) 3 One kiss on each cheek.



We did a DT project entitled 'Cakes'. First we looked at a basic wartime recipe, and made it in groups. Then we discussed how the recipe could be improved using only ingredients which were not rationed during the war! We tasted a variety of these ingredients and, after surveying our class mates, decided which combinations tasted nicest. After making our own cakes, we tasted and evaluated them! Most were delicious!