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Autumn Term 2015

Welcome to Year 4 Autumn Term

Our topic for this term is:


Happy Endings




Our Learning Challenge is:


Should traditional tales always have a happy ending?


Our class text is:



We discussed how Jub (the main character in our book) must have been feeling as she walked through the forest and when she had the sack of happy endings stolen.


We improved our sentences by using 'show not tell' language. For example, instead of just saying I felt happy, we could show the reader just how happy by saying things like I jumped for joy and my smile went from ear to ear etc...


We used the green screen to become Jub and to improve our writing.

We have been writing a character description of the vicious, venomous witch, who stole all of the happy endings! We drew around children in our class to create our large witches for our working walls.  We then thought very carefully of good descriptive sentences of the witch, which we wrote on post it notes and stuck onto our witch.  These will come in very handy when writing our character descriptions 
Picture 1

The Witch on Trial!


This week, we decided to put the witch from our story on trial. We all had different roles in the courtroom.

Picture 1

The Trial of the Witch!

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The Trial begins...

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Witch to the stand!

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Witnesses to the stand!

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The Jury

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We learnt this poem all about a witch off by heart. We discussed the poem and how using expression helps to tell the story more.

Special Delivery!


We were so excited to receive a letter off Carole Ann Duffy.

The Lost Happy Endings Continued...

The Lost Happy Endings Continued... 1


Today, we had another special delivery! Carol Ann Duffy has sent us our very own golden pens to finish our writing with. We can't wait to use them!

Trip to Reception...

Trip to Reception... 1

E- Safety Videos


This week in ICT, we have been using I Movie to make some E-Safety videos.

E Safety video

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Design & Technology Day

Design & Technology Day 1