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Autumn Term 2015

Welcome to Year 2 Autumn Term

Our topic for this term is:


The Naughty Bus




Our class text is:


The Naughty Bus


This term in year 2 we have been finding out about the Naughty Bus and his amazing adventures around the world. This has led to some terrific writing opportunities including list sentences, narratives, questions, simile sentences and lots of descriptive writing. Check out our slideshow to see what we have been up to...

Marvellous Maths


What a term this has been for Maths! We have covered so much and had an amazing time doing so. In the past 4 months we have looked at addition, subtraction, rounding, place value, multiplication and division. In addition to all of this we have been learning a range of different methods to help us work out a number of mathematical calculations. We have even calculated the amount of ingredients needed to make a cake for the Naughty Bus. He was very thankful... and even let us eat it!



Super Science


We love being super scientists in year 2! This term we have looked at the different uses of everyday materials. We identified and named and number of everyday materials including, rock, wood, plastic, glass and metal. This enabled us to classify them according to their properties and use this information to conduct an investigation. We had a visit from some mad scientists, who showed us how to make slimy, colourful goo. In Autumn 2 we looked at reversible change. As a year group we wanted to find out if it could be done with a delicious, yummy bar of chocolate...have a look at our Pic Collages to see how we got on! 


Nativity 2015

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