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Cross Curricular Maths

Year 3 - Indoor athletics 


During an indoor athletics PE session, 3K measured both our first javelin throws (before training) and our 2nd (after some training). In our Maths lesson, we then used some of the data to create bar charts, and worked out the differences between certain childrens' throws, and also the difference between individuals' 1st and 2nd throws. Additionally, the Red group investigated who had the biggest and smallest differences between their 1st and 2nd throws. They then went on to write about any anomolies in the data.

Year 3 - Data Handling 


As part of our current Geography topic Year 3 are looking at volcanoes. As we need a bit more practice interpreting data in Maths, we used some bar charts to research the number of volcanic eruptions per decade year. We discussed trends in the data, and answered some questions about the bar charts

Year 4 - Whale measuring 


Year 4 are reading 'This Morning I met a Whale' by Michael Morpurgo.  To really understand the size of the whale that ventured into the River Thames, they went out onto the playground.  They used trundle wheels and metre sticks to draw a variety of different whales to scale all over the playground.  They were shocked how big whales actually are! 

Year 4 - Ordering, rounding converting and interpreting 


Year 4 took the measurements of the different whales and practiced their mathematical skills they have been working on in maths lessons.  They ordered the whales from smallest to largest and they converted the measurements to cm and decided that it was more practical for whales to be measured in metres.  Additionally, they rounded the measurements to the nearest whole number, so they could put the data into a pictogram.  Year 4 then analysed the data - red group even found the mean of the data! 

Using Shape and Symmetry 


We studied different geometric patterns in Islamic art and architecture and identified the lines of symmetry and the shapes that were used. Then we created our own Islamic patterns, which had several lines of symmetry 


Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 5 - Planning A Trip to Space 


As part of our science topic Earth and Space, Year 5 have been busy planning a journey into space. We have used our mathematical skills to calculate the correct amount of food supplies, fuel and oxygen levels for the astronauts on board. We have even completed a Rescue Mission to a nearby planet!


Bedford Primary Space Mission

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Have a look at our 'Bedford Primary Space Mission' videos

Mission Rescue

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Year 6 - capacity 


Year 6 have been developing their understanding of capacity so that they can produce a magical potion at the end of the week.  This is linked to their Midsummer's Night Dream English focus this term.  Moving on from this, the pupils will be using their knowledge of ratio and proportion to determine the best combination of ingredients to make the best potion.