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Digital Leaders Computer Club 2014

Below you will find all of the news of our Digital Leaders Computer Club for Autumn Term 2014.

Week 1 - Scratch! 4/11/14

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their session using scratch today.  They were able to use the programming instructions successfully to make their sprite move along the lines they had drawn.  Some pupils are now keen to use this at home too! Pupils have already transferred these skills into the classroom by helping out their classmates to navigate the software.  Keep up the hard work!

Week 2 - Scratch and Makey Makey 10/11/14

This week our Digital Leaders consolidated their understanding of Scratch by creating their own mini-game.  Then using Makey Makey they had to create a controller for the game out of a range of objects including: playdough, tin foil and even themselves!  The pupils made so much progress that they then used this knowledge to create a human piano by linking themselves to an online piano using Makey Makey. Another fantastic session!

Week 3 - Minecraft Computing 18/11/14

This week our Digital Leaders were thrown into the world of Minecraft Edu.  This is the educational version of the very popular game and pupils had to use their computing knowledge to begin to programme 'turtles' to build certain structures in the game.  All pupils were hooked from the beginning and are very much looking forward to next week's session where they will build their own houses.  We can't wait!

Week 4 - Minecraft 3D Printing 25/11/14

We have been Minecraft crazy this week in our afterschool club.  The pupils were challenged to use a 'turtle', which is a programming robot, to create a set of stairs, then create an archway.  As you can see from the pictures our team were successful in doing so.  Next week, can they use this knowledge to 3D print a house??