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Geography at Bedford

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Our Intent

Curriculum values

We aim to provide a fully inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum that allows all pupils to develop the skills needed to feel empowered in all lessons, whether in maths as a mathematician, in art as an artist or in science as a scientists - and onwards through all subjects. Through enquiry and the acquisition of key skills, our historians certainly aren't behind the times!


The Bedford curriculum approach is underpinned by the embedding of thinking skillseffective and timely feedbackgreater learner involvement and high standards. The development and skills progression in all subjects will be evident.  The use of technology and hands-on, practical experiences are carefully woven through our curriculum to enhance teaching and learning.


Embedding Thinking Skills and High Levels of Pupil Involvement

The National Curriculum provides us with the framework for a skills-based approach to the teaching of Geography. We aim to inspire and engage pupils and heighten their understanding of the world around them, both in a local and global sense.  Pupils will be involved  in a deeper learning experience by posing their own questions and discovering the answer through a variety of experiences such as: school trips, visitors, stories and research. 


The development and progression of skills



Impact - Geography in action