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A Plethora of Maths!


This term we have been making lots of links with our Maths work and applying our Maths skills to solve problems in different subjects. We have used Maths in Science, PE, Design Technology and Music.


Car Park Chaos


Mr Magoo and his team of builders wanted to build a car park in our outdoor area. The children of Year 1 had to convince them that there was too much wildlife and that they should not build there. We began by carefully measuring out meter squares and completing tally charts to show the different plants and animals we found. We used this data to estimate how much wildlife there would be in areas of different size. To do this we had to learn to multiply. 

Multiplication Magicians



We applied our new found multiplication skills to using money and were able to multiply by 2p, 5p and 10p to see how much was in each piggy bank.

Money Madness