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Measurement Day

Every year group completed a collapsed curriculum measurement day and covered lots of maths objectives.  They also completed lots of fun activities.



Year 1


The children completed lots of activities to discover whether they weigh more or less than 1kg.  They weighed a selection of items and recorded their findings. 

Year 2 


The children ordered the old man’s day from their text ‘The Tin Forest’

Measuring length – the children used different pieces of equipment to measure items in the classroom. 


Mrs Gordon's Group 


The children used their reading scales skills to make flower pot bread based on their class text, ‘The Tin Forest’

Year 3 


The children measured the height of a slope at which a car rolled forward testing the friction using different materials on the slope. 

Year 4 


The children played a coordinates strategy game to learn about plotting coordinates. 


Additionally, the children made maths museums with straws showing the different types of angles.  They also found all the angles on the playground and made pic collages 

Mrs King's Maths Group


The children made pancakes and measured out ingredients using weighing scales.  They also calculated how many hula hoops would need to be stacked on top of each other to reach the height of famous landmarks.

The children made potions to certain specifications, using measuring cylinders to get the exact amount.  Finally, the children played perimeter and area games on iPads and used cubes to investigate volume


Miss Gahan's Maths Group


The children created a angles museum showing examples of the different angles and drawing angles using protractors.  Next, they used weighing scales and measuring cylinders to make three different potions using a variety of revolting ingredients.  Also, the children measured out a swimming pool on the yard and used rulers to draw it.  They then calculated the perimeter. Finally, they estimated how long it would take to complete different activities and then timed themselves completing it.


Mrs Shore's Maths Group


The children used weighing scales and measuring cylinders to weigh out the ingredients to make a broth.  Also, the children designed a bed fit for the workhouse that would fit them inside.  The children drew out the beds on the playground and measured the sides.

Year 6


The children completed a carousel of activities on different aspects of measure:

Time problems – telling the time and solving time problems

Weight and capacity – reading scales and converting between g and kg by making fairy cakes

Area and perimeter – measuring the area and perimeter of the football pen

Estimation – estimating the value of a variety of objects and units of measure