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Spring Term 2016

Welcome to Year 5 Spring Term 2016


Our class text this term is

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Our Learning challenge question:


Does every child deserve a home?

Mr Spink


We used Tagxedo to create a word bank to describe this vile character from our text.  We then used this vocabulary to produce a high level piece of writing using non-negotiable grammar features!

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Morfo Booth 


We have completed lots of work on the character of Ma from Street Child.  We have thought carefully about how she feels about leaving Emily and Lizzie in the big house.  We wrote in role as Ma, concentrating on her feelings and using ing ly, openers.  After we had completed our writing, we used the app Morfo Booth to record her feelings.  The idea came after ICT training with Mr P 

The Workhouse


Unfortunately, Jim and Ma ended up in the workhouse.  Jim did not like the workhouse and hated being separated from Ma.  We then spent time researching what life is like in the workhouse.  We used this research to write a non-chronological report.  After we had finished writing, we chose one of our paragraphs and used iMovie to record our writing over images of the workhouse to inform others.  



We used the app Morfo and iMovie to create an interview with an astronaut.  We thought carefully about their responses and what information they would give. 



Our topic this term is the Ancient Greeks.  We completed lots of research on Ancient Greece and how it was split into City States.  We then interviewed a Spartan Warrior and an Athenian using the app Morfo booth and iMovie inspired from an idea from Mr P.

Indoor PE: Gymnastics

5K have been working on balances in gymnastics. We practised  symmetrical and asymmetrical balances, both individually and in pairs. We then created short sequences incorporating balances and jumps. 

5K Balance and Jump sequences

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5G's assembly


5G spent a lot of time discussing how to stay safe online.  They made a video with lots of top tips to help others stay safe online.

Staying safe online

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