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Summer term 2015



Our new text for summer term is 'This morning I met a whale' by Michael Morpurgo 

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Our learning question: Should animals be kept in captivity? 

After our work on exploring the themes of the whales message, we returned to our learning challenge question, as we wondered with all the horrific consequences of ocean pollution, was captivity better for whales! We began research on whales in captivity and were shocked by what we found! We felt very passionate about expressing our views! We were inspired by Mr P's blog      and decided to create our own video to send to sea world! Additionally, we are writing persuasive letters to explain our views!  Please watch our videos below . . . . 



Should Whales Live in the Wild or Captivity?

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Whale Captivity

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Whale Measuring 


We went out onto the playground to use trundle wheels to find out how big different types of whales were.  We were shocked at the size of them! 



Our new topic is living things and their environments!  First of all we went on a hunt around the school grounds to find what different plants and animals live there.  Next, we began focussing on different habitats.  Look at our pic-collages of the different habitats below!