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Summer term 2016

Welcome to Year 5 Summer Term





Our class text is:

Picture 1

Our learning challenge question:


Does war solve conflict?

We started our text by finding ourselves in Beirut during the war.  Our classroom was completely turned over and we had to find somewhere safe to hide.  We used this experience to help us write a setting description of war-torn Beirut.

Feelings and emotions 


After reading more of the text, we started to imagine how Ayesha would have been feeling.  We used the iPads to take pictures of ourselves showing how Ayesha would have been feeling.  We then used Pic Collage to insert ourselves into a scene from war-torn Beirut.  We will use these images to create a word bank to describe Ayesha's feelings and write a diary entry in role. 



This week in year 5, we have been working very hard to learn poems about the Civil War in Beirut off by heart.  We have thought carefully about our tone and expression while performing.  Watch our performances below. 

My Movie.mp4

Still image for this video

My Movie2.mp4

Still image for this video

Cooking project


Year 5 were very lucky to work with our wonderful Kitchen team to complete a unit of work on different types of foods.  We made lists of protein, carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables.  They then used these to make a list of our favourite foods.  We designed our own meal of chicken pasta using different ingredients.  6 children from our class went to Asda to buy the ingredients and spent lots of time finding the best deals.  We worked as a team to chop the different vegetables to make our chicken pasta.  We also made our own piping bags and used them to pipe leaves to put on chocolate cakes.  We were also very lucky to try carrot and tomato juice and interesting meats including ostrich, crocodile, kangaroo and  zebra!  We had an amazing afternoon!   

Cathedral Trip 


Year 5 spent a lovely morning in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.  We went on a guided tour and learnt lots of interesting facts about the Cathedral - including that there are over 10,000 pipes in the main organ and gained lots of information about why people pray and worship.  Additionally, we took our sketch books and did lots of sketches in and around the Cathedral building.  We also took a trip into the Cemetery and were amazed by all the Victorian graves and how young they were when they died.