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World Maths Day - 14th October 2015

On World Maths Day 2015, we had a cross-curricular Maths morning linked to our English, Science, History or Geography topics. 



Reception had a lovely maths day completing lots of fun activities, both indoors and outdoors.  They did some practical activities and some activities, which involved them using pencil and paper.  


Year One 


In Year 1, we had a very special visitor to help us with ordering numbers! 

Mrs Gordon's Maths Group 


Mrs Gordon's Maths group have been reading 'The Naughty Bus' in English and are in the process of writing their own story - 'The Crazy Motorbike'.  The Crazy Motorbike lands in the ocean, so the group decided to make him some 'fishy friends' using multi-link cubes during World Maths Day.  Firstly, they estimated how many cubes they would need to make fish shapes.  They then solved problems where cubes of different colours have different values e.g 1, 2 and 20.  They worked out the total value of different coloured fish and made their own fish to fit a specific value! 


Year 4 


Year 4 got into role as the witch from their class text.  They designed and measured their own poisonous potions.  They also completed an open ended problem solving activity related to the ingredients in a potion. 

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 5


Year 5 are learning all about the Rainforest They compared temperatures and rainfall in the Amazon and Liverpool.  They then used this information to create their own Line graphs and bar charts.  Mrs King's Maths group even constructed a graph, which showed both rainfall and temperature.  

Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 6 


Year 6 had a World War II evacuation day.  Children measured perimeter by taping the windows in case of bombings.  They measured and made gas mask boxes from cube nets.  Additionally, they even completed word problems on time by reading train timetables for their scheduled evacuations.