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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!




Our Theme: Man on the Moon


This term we read the book Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram.


This book was all about an astronaut called Bob and some cheeky aliens on the moon.  We couldn't believe our eyes when one day we realised that aliens had invaded Bedford! We decided to collect as much evidence as we could and contacted the police straight away.

This term we also took a trip to Buid a Bear in Liverpool One for our RE topic on Belonging. We all got to make our very own class bear and take it back to Bedford. We love to look after our Bedford Bears : )

Whilst we were on our trip to Build a Bear we decided to look for famous Liverpool landmarks for our Geography topic. We even ended up on Granada Reports when we were getting our picture taken by the Lambanana!! Autographs later... : )



Our Theme: Dungeons and Dragons


This term we read the book The Egg by M P Robertson. This book is all about a little boy called George who finds a giant egg under his Mum's favourite chicken.  One day the egg hatches and out pops a... green, scaly dragon. One day we came into our class to find a giant egg that had hatched. Just like in the book we had our very own pet dragon to look after!

This term 1A performed an assembly all about getting on and falling out. We learnt lots of valuable lessons, the main one being: To have friends you have to be a good friend yourself.



Our Theme: Superheroes


This term we are going to be reading the book Traction Man by Mini Grey and Superhero ABC  by Bob Mcleod. We were so lucky because we even got a visit from a real superhero... Batman! We asked Batman lots of questions and now we have decided that we want to become superheroes ourselves...