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Year 1

To understand the meaning of algorithms and the need for them to be precise and accurate.


In Year 1 we spent some time outside with a partner giving each other the instructions one step back, one step forward, one half turn, one turn to the right and one turn to the left. Many of the children struggled with the concept of left and right but improved with practise.


Then we made a grid on our classroom floor and discussed how we would give a robot a set of precise instructions to help the robot move through the grid and sit on a chair placed in one square of the grid. The children enjoyed this activity so much many of them continued to play the game in their free time.


Next we gave Mr Barwise instructions ‘how to make a piece of toast.’ This was not as easy as we thought it would be and we discovered the difference between a precise  instruction and an un-clear instruction. Following this we made a list of all the things we will need to make our own toast next week.


As part of our ICT topic we have been focusing on algorithms. This week, in order to help us understand that algorithms are a sequence of steps we went to the hall and practised following a simple sequence of instructions. When we followed the instructions carefully and accurately we found that we had created a simple dance sequence.

We used the BeeBot to help us to understand the importance of ‘clearing’ a set of instructions before continuing with a new sequence.


We reinforced our understanding of directional language and algorithms through using the BeeBot App back in class.