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Year 2

Our Topics:

Autumn Term - Mr Benn’s Adventures

Spring Term – Abracadabra!

Summer Term – The Great Fire of London


Autumn Term

Blue Planet Trip

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What we got up to this term!

During this term, we also explored the story of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. We created story maps and used our Pie Corbett actions to help us orally retell the story and later in the term, used our actions to help us write a set of instructions for how to make Rumpelstiltskin’s favourite sandwich…you’ll never guess what it is! Linking to sandwiches, we also explored healthy eating and the foods humans need to keep them healthy.

The finale to this enjoyable term was our ‘Mr Benn Nativity’, which we all had such fun practising and performing! I am sure you’ll agree that this was a jam-packed and successful term for your child!What an exciting adventure we had during this term! It all started with a really fantastic trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium, where we got to meet an array of beautiful, and sometimes scary, sea creatures! This experience helped us when we began to think of ideas for writing an adventure story, linking to our ‘Deep Sea Diver’ topic, but our main character in this adventure was no ordinary diver, he was Mr Benn! This term we read lots of the Mr Benn adventure books by the author, David McKee and we all loved the exciting adventures he went on!  We story- mapped his adventures and acted them out using our Pie Corbett actions to help us learn the structure of a good adventure story. It was important for us to include all the features of good writing. Over the weeks, we planned and wrote our very own exciting Mr Benn Diver adventures. The trip to the aquarium gave us lots of brilliant ideas! In science we learnt about fish anatomy and labelled our pictures of them using lots of scientific words and we look at what it would be like to be a deep sea diver! We also did an exciting investigation in to what objects float or sink. Then we tested what materials were waterproof and recorded our results. We learnt about the geographical features in Bootle compared to somewhere in the countryside, we were able to identify the human and physical features in each location!  We also had great fun using our best artistic skills to draw a shell.  Our ‘Narrative Week’ book was ‘Refugee’, which centres on a group of ducks, who lose their home when their pond is destroyed to make way for a new building development. This gave us lots of opportunity for in-depth conversations about change and what home means to us. From this story we went on to write some wonderful poems, which included adjectives, adverbs and similes. This helped us learn how powerful words can be! 

Spring Term


We returned after the Christmas break, ready to learn even more this term! Although we loved Mr Benn and were sad that we had to leave him behind us, we were excited to meet a new, interesting character…Winnie the Witch! This term’s topic was ‘Abracadabra!’ Throughout this term we enjoyed reading a wide range of ‘Winnie the Witch’ books by the author, Valerie Thomas. This term, we were confident we had thoroughly learned the basics of writing, including capital letters, punctuation and using adjectives to make our writing interesting, so we focused on how we could take our writing to the next level. We began by looking at using a range of openers in our writing, particularly when writing descriptions of Winnie’s spooky house and her interesting clothes. Following this, we looked at using speech, as Winnie talks a lot in her adventures! We decided that using ‘said’ all the time was not very interesting, so we also focused on using synonyms instead of ‘said’. Ask your child for some examples – they are very good at thinking of these! Some of us even had a go at successfully using subordinate clauses for extra information…WOW! All of these new writing skills helped us as we came to create our own Winnie adventure. For these stories we had great fun creating our very own monsters to include in the problem paragraph of our adventure. After completing these brilliant stories we wrote a letter to Valerie Thomas the author of ‘Winnie the Witch’ and asked her some questions about being an author…some of us decided we would love to be authors when we are older! We’re sure she was very impressed with the formal way in which we wrote our letters and the fact that we included a question mark at the end of our questions! Thinking about growing up, in our science sessions we investigated if a child’s age was related to their height. We discovered that it wasn’t! We also looked at what living things were in our school grounds, we found all sorts of interesting minibeasts and plants!

Our very interesting trip to a synangogue

Our very interesting trip to a synangogue 1
Our very interesting trip to a synangogue 2
Our very interesting trip to a synangogue 3
Whilst learning all about Judaism we were lucky enough to visit a synagogue and see where Jewish people worship. We gained further understanding from this trip and enjoyed seeing a different type of religious building. 

Summer Term

Great Fire of London

This term proved to be another exciting adventure in our learning journey! We took a trip back in History to learn all about London in 1666 when the Great Fire happened. We were excited to learn about a very important gentleman from that period: Samuel Pepys. We found out what he did for a living, the wide range of fabulous wigs he wore(!) and his connection to an important event in our history, the Great Fire of London. We were inspired by his diary entries and decided we should write our own. We used our knowledge of the Great Fire, our imaginations, Pie Corbett actions, story maps and planned using story mountains to help us write an entry from the perspective of a young boy called John and his cat, Sammy.  We also looked at the pros and cons of fire and wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Gordon explaining why we thought having an open fire in every classroom would not be a very good idea! Thankfully, Mrs Gordon agreed with us and has decided not to go ahead with this! Because fire can be such a devastating element, we decided it would be a good idea to meet the people who keep us safe when fires happen and invited the fire brigade to come into school. We got to meet some lovely firemen and women and even got to have a go at using the fire hose…it was very powerful!

During this term, we also focused on a range of aspects to do with the night time as we prepared ourselves for our special Year 2 tests (SATs). Our teachers were all very proud of how hard we worked on these tests and we thoroughly deserved our half-term whit holiday in May!

 This term also included our extended day trip; we went to Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre (CLAC) and enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities including bell boating, problem solving and sand castle building. We had an absolutely brilliant experience, one that I am sure we will not forget for a very long time. Following this trip, we decided that our new teachers in Year 3 would love to hear all about what we did on our trip, so we wrote a detailed recount, using brilliant time connectives and sequencing, which will go into our ‘Look What I Can Do’ books that travel up through school with us.

This term we enjoyed all our science lessons focusing on living things and got to do lots of practical investigations and activities, including creating our own food chain. One investigation was growing our own sunflowers. We thought carefully about what seeds would need to help them grow into flowers and how we could help care and look after them. Some of our flowers are still growing!

To celebrate the World Cup we learnt about Italy and made delicious bruschetta; we even wrote senses poems all about these lovely snacks.

What an exciting term!  

Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre Extended Day

Fire Engine Visits Year 2

Fire Engine Visits Year 2 1
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 2
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 3
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 4
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 5
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 6
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 7
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 8
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 9
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 10
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 11
Fire Engine Visits Year 2 12

2MW's Great Fire of London Dance

2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  1
2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  2
2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  3
2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  4
2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  5
2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  6
2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  7
2MW's Great Fire of London Dance  8