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Year 2 Class Gallery 2016-17

Welcome to Year 2 Autumn Term

Our topic for this term is:


Magical Journeys




Our class text is:


Collecting adjectives.


In our text Starlight Rosie received an unusual gift from her Grandma. In class we also received an unusual gift. We passed it around and tried to guess what it was. When we opened the gift we were overjoyed to see that it was our very own class hobbyhorse. We each took turn to hold the hobbyhorse and this helped us to think of lots of adjectives to describe it. 

Greater than and less than

We have been learning about the properties of numbers and we have been using our class crocodile to help us. He always eats the greatest number!
To help us to become more descriptive writers we have been reading our class text, Starlight, really carefully. We have discovered lots of wonderful words and phrases that we could use in our writing. 

Revising number bonds

We have been revising number bonds. We have used songs and rhymes and lots of apparatus like ten frames and even a hanger and pegs to help us. We played a game using numbers to 20. We used straws to help us find record as many addition and subtraction calculation as possible for different numbers up to 20. We had lots of fun. 

Performing poetry

We have been working hard this week to learn and perform a poem all about going on a magical journey. We had fun imagining our own magical journeys and writing our own descriptive poetry. 

Measures week

This week was measures week. We have been working hard measure length and weight. We have be learning how to read scales accurately and having fun trying to make sensible estimates.

Properties of Shape Barrier Games

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We have been revising the properties of 2D and 3D shape this week. Playing barrier games helped us as we had to think carefully about the properties of our secret shape in order to help our partner guess it correctly.

Properties of shape barrier games

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During December we were very busy rehearsing and preparing for our nativity play. Our very special show told the Christmas story and we were excited to perform it for the other children in our school and our families. 


We arrived in class today to find something very strange and unusual had happened. Someone had left huge piles of old, useless rubbish scattered around our classroom. We don't know who the culprit is but we will find out! In the meantime we have been using the scrap to make models of flowers and trees. We have sorted the rubbish and described the materials using adjectives, we have written different sentence types to describe the event and we have even written a diary entry about the day. What a peculiar morning it was!