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Music at Bedford

Our Intent

Curriculum values

We aim to provide a fully inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum that allows all pupils to develop the skills needed to feel empowered in all lessons, whether in maths as a mathematician, in art as an artist or in science as a scientists - and onwards through all subjects.  Through the acquisition of skills, our marvellous musicians are certainly kept in tune! 


The Bedford curriculum approach is underpinned by the embedding of thinking skills, effective and timely feedback, greater learner involvement and high standards. Alongside the clear progression of key vocabulary, the development, application and skills progression in all subjects will be evident.  The use of technology and hands-on, practical experiences are carefully woven through our curriculum to enhance teaching and learning.


In music, we  introduce and encourage each child into the exciting world of music.  The emphasis is on our children both enjoying and appreciating the many ways in which music can give tremendous personal satisfaction.  The impact and benefits of music across the curriculum certainly don't go unnoticed either.  


The National Curriculum provides us with the framework for a skills-based approach to the teaching of Music.  At Bedford, music is a largely practical activity provided to all children on a weekly basis throughout the school year, taught using a programme called Charanga.  Throughout the year children study a variety of musical styles and genres, ranging from modern to classical.


Embedding Thinking Skills and High Levels of Pupil Involvement

All children have opportunities to listen and respond to music, make music together as a class and in groups, sing songs and compose and communicate musical ideas with others. Children throughout the school are taught the basics in order to read music and are given frequent opportunities to perform to others. 


Children in Year 4 are also taught  to play the recorder and we have a growing school choir, who do performances within the community as well as larger events such as the Peace Proms at the Echo Arena. All children also take part in whole school singing on a regular basis, giving them the opportunity to sing and perform as part of a large group.


The development and progression of skills

Planning for high quality teaching and learning in music:

Impact - Music in action
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