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Physical Education at Bedford

Our Intent

Curriculum values

We aim to provide a fully inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum that allows all pupils to develop the skills needed to feel empowered in all lessons, whether in maths as a mathematician, in art as an artist or in science as a scientist - and onwards through all subjects.  In PE, our focus is on empowering the athletes, dancers and gymnasts of the future.


The Bedford curriculum approach is underpinned by the embedding of thinking skillseffective and timely feedbackgreater learner involvement and high standards. The development and skills progression in all subjects will be evident.  The use of technology and hands-on, practical experiences are carefully woven through our curriculum to enhance teaching and learning.

Development and Progression of Skills - Planning for High Quality PE 2018-19
Embedding Thinking Skills
Greater Learner Involvement and Independence
Effective and Timely Feedback
Sport is an important aspect of life at Bedford. We aim to give all children an opportunity to sample a wide variety of different sporting activities, either through the P.E. and Games Curriculum or via the comprehensive Extra Curricular Activities programme. We have a dedicated space on this website for reporting all of our recent sporting news and successes, please take a look at our Sports Desk for further information.


At present, the following sports are organised at our school; Football, Cricket, Netball, Swimming, Athletics, Tag Rugby and Basketball. Children in KS2 attend Bootle's leisure pool for swimming lessons.  Throughout the year we offer various Out of Hours clubs and often our children are given the opportunity to represent Bedford in sporting events and competitions.


The children in the Foundation Stage access physical development opportunities as part of the continuous provision offered both in the indoor and outdoor learning environment.  Not only do they get exercise when using the outdoors and taking part in whole class sessions, but there is also the Wriggle and Jiggle area, which is designed to support developmental movement play lessons.


From years 1-6, each class has two sessions of P.E a week. Through these a balance of individual and team work, cooperative and competitive activities aim to cater for each pupil’s ability and preference.


Bedford has also developed a strong link with Hillside High. This partnership

enables us to provide wider opportunities for sporting provision and facilities,

accessing specialist coaches to further pupils’ experiences and skills.


Each year we hold sports celebration days for all of our children from the Foundation Stage to  Key Stage 2.  At these events children compete in teams to win points for their house teams, (Waterloo, Gladstone,Albert & Canning).



PE & Sport Grant


Please click here to view a report on the use and impact of the PE and Sports Grant for 2017/18.


You can also click here to see our school's Action Plan for use of the PE and Sports Grant for 2018/19.

What does PE look like at Bedford?

Cross Country


Reception floor work