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Reading at Bedford


At Bedford, our approach to reading is driven by an unrelenting determination that every child will learn to read fluently and with confidence. Reading is essential for acquiring knowledge and building upon what is already known. Reading also gives pupils the invaluable opportunity to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Alongside exposure to a range of high quality literature across all subjects, a curriculum that promotes curiosity, a love of books and the desire to discover more is key to this development.  Teachers have chosen high-quality texts as the main focus for English lessons to ensure that all children are exposed to a wide range of high quality literature.  Children also complete guided reading sessions which exposes them to more high quality literature.  In KS1 children complete guided reading in groups and complete sessions with an adult at least once a week.  In the sessions they are not working with an adult they are completing follow up tasks and reading activities related to the texts they have been reading.  In KS2 children complete whole class guided reading sessions at least four times a week.  Teachers ensure that guided reading focus texts include: fiction extracts, non-fiction texts, poetry and song lyrics to ensure our children are exposed to a high-quality, varied and diverse diet. 

Bedford Reading Spine 


Our English lessons are text driven and each year group has key focus texts which children explore.  Teachers then skillfully plan writing opportunities based around the text.  Our reading spine contains texts children are exposed to during English lessons and texts chosen to read aloud for pleasure.  This year we are working hard to develop and adapt our reading spine to not only ensure we are exposing our children to new and current texts but also ensure that our children are accessing a diverse range of literature. 

Guided Reading 


Bedford pupils in year 2 to 6 complete at least 4 sessions of whole class guided reading sessions every week.  Teachers have carefully chosen a wide range of texts that connect to either their English curriculum or foundation curriculum.  Additionally, teachers choose texts linked to our poetry and song lyric spine to include in their sessions.  These selections have been made around 8 main themes therefore each year group's poems or songs link.  Teachers can choose when in the year to analyse their various poetry and song lyric selections.  Teachers ensure they reference previous texts covered and build on the pupils' prior knowledge