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Science at Bedford

Our Intent

Curriculum values

We aim to provide a fully inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum that allows all pupils to develop the skills needed to feel empowered in all lessons, whether in maths as a mathematician, in art as an artist or in science as a scientist etc.  Through enquiry and the acquisition of key skills, our scientists are made of all the right materials.


The Bedford curriculum approach is underpinned by the embedding of thinking skillseffective and timely feedbackgreater learner involvement and high standards. Alongside the clear progression of key vocabulary, the development, application and skills progression in all subjects will be evident.  The use of technology and hands-on, practical experiences are carefully woven through our curriculum to enhance teaching and learning.


From Foundation onwards, our children are given opportunities to explore and investigate, through first hand exploration. We aim to develop lively, enquiring minds.  Science is taught through the areas of learning in accordance with the EYFS document and the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2.



Embedding Thinking Skills and High Levels of Pupil Involvement

The National Curriculum provides us with the framework for a skills-based approach to the teaching of Science. As soon as pupils are dressed in their white laboratory coats, they are pupils no more - they become and behave as scientists at Bedford, we aim to engage and inspire children to respond to scientific questions, ask their own questions, investigate and actively engage in discussion about current science-based issues which affect their lives, the society in which they live and our planet as a whole. 


Through the teaching of science, we aim to stimulate creative thinking curiosity regarding how and why things happen in the way they do.  Through enquiry, pupils develop a deeper understanding of the scientific processes and technologies that are vital to all of our lives and the future well-being and prosperity of the ever-changing world in which we live.


ICT is used to enhance both teaching and learning in science lessons. Pupils also participate in discussions, role-play and are encouraged to presentation information and their findings in different ways. We encourage co-operation, sensitivity and tolerance of each other in a wide variety of problem-solving activities within the scientific classroom. 

The development and progression of skills  

Planning for high quality teaching and learning in science:

Impact - Science in Action
During Science Week 2019 we went to our local beach in Crosby to look and explore the journey of single use plastic. We collected plastic rubbish on Crosby beach and we are busy making Eco bricks using our single use plastic waste. A big thank you to 'Friends of Crosby Beach'  who supported us on the day and 'Bootle Action Group' who helped with the loan of equipment.