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THURSDAY Remote Learning Plan

Maths resources for Red and Green Groups

See how many ways you can make the amounts 6p up to 9p, can you make it with just 1ps, 2ps or a mix of coins?

Draw round the coins or take a photo and send it to your teacher on Twitter or the year group email. Is anyone brave enough to try the Year 2 challenge and see how many ways they can make 10p or even 20p!

There is also a worksheet in your folder to help you practise your money skills.

Maths resources for Yellow, Purple and Blue Group

Click on the picture to watch the lesson and complete the worksheet in the pack from school.

Internet Safety work for all children.

Think about all the times you or your family go online or use the internet, each time you do you leave a digital footprint that shows you were there. Look at the sheet in your pack and try to draw and write all the different ways you use the internet and leave that footprint there.