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Year 6

Year 6 have been busy with our 'Young Authors' project. We have written, designed and created story books for younger children using a range of technology and devices. 


Firstly, we looked at a range of books for young children and identified the features. We then discussed our own ideas and planned our books using story mapping. 


To create the fantastic artwork for our books we used the app Brushes Redux. We then imported our artwork onto another app called Book Creator. We used Book Creator to create our pages and add text, effects and voices. 


Year 6 then read their finished books to Year 1! 


Take a look at some of our planning and a selection of pages from some of our books! 


In the Spring and Summer term, Year 6 will be heading down to KS1 again. This time to partner up with another child to help them with their very own 'Young Authors' project. 

Young Authors Project


Protecting Bedford From The Dangers of The Online World  


This term, Year 6 were tasked with an important mission! We had to design our own 'Digital Superheroes' to protect and educate the pupils of Bedford about online safety. 

We designed our own heroes from scratch using a range of multimedia, thinking carefully about their appearance, powers, name and motto. 


The four most impressive heroes were chosen to become.... The Online Avengers! 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4