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Governor Pen Portraits

Tony Hampson (Chair)

I have worked for Sefton Council for 15 years and in this time I have had a number of Finance roles mostly involving school budgets and funding. Most recently I have taken up a post working as office manager at a local primary school. My family have lived in the local area for over 30 years and my children attended Bedford primary then moved on to Hillside High. Being part of the governing body for the past 8 years has given me a good understanding on how schools run and what support is given to our children in the surrounding community.


Josie Williams (Vice Chair)

I have been a co-opted governor at Bedford school for several years. I enjoy the various roles that involve me with the staff and Children. Being a part of the governing body has enabled me to see the opportunities given to the children to help and assist them to achieve their own personal potential. Also living in the same community that Bedford school is in gives me greater opportunities to build relationships with parents as well as the children. 


Andrea Watts (LA Governor)

I am Executive Director at Sefton Council and was previously Head of Communities at Sefton Council for three years. I have worked in 5 local authorities over the last 25 years but I have never been appointed a school governor before so I am really looking forward to the new experience.


Wenda Linden Carr (Co-opted Governor)

I am a retired primary school teacher with twenty-five years experience in a local school. For most of that time I was also a governor of the school, before joining the board at Bedford in 2009. I have seen many changes in education policy and practice over this time and enjoy being connected to the current situation.


Nevina Cross (Co-opted Governor)

I am delighted to take up my first Governors role at Bedford, I am currently Assistant Vice Principal, Pastoral at Hillside High School and I have worked at Hillside for 15 years working with many wonderful youngsters and their families who started out as Bedford boys and girls. I am passionate about helping young people achieve their potential through education and ensuring youngsters have the best opportunities to succeed whilst growing into responsible and caring individuals. I am really looking forward to working with the children, staff and families within the school community.


Cherith Hancock (Co-opted Governor)

I have been involved on the governing body for many years and my family have had four generations at Bedford school. I enjoy playing an active role in the life of school and strive to give all children who attend Bedford the opportunity to achieve and aspire to fulfill their full potential.


Kim Brennan (Parent Governor)

I am really enjoying my role as parent governor at Bedford. I wanted to get involved because I am mum to four children and I want them to have the opportunity to thrive at Bedford. I hope to be able to represent other parents to make sure that school provides the best possible opportunities and experiences for all our children. I have been a teacher for 12 years now, specialising in education for those with learning difficulties and disabilities, and I hope that my experience can prove useful as a member of the Governing body.


Lucy Gordon (Staff Governor)

I have been a dedicated member of team Bedford for over 17 years now and enjoyed a number of fulfilling roles in the Early Years and across Key Stage 1. More recently, I have joined the Key Stage 2 team as a class teacher in Year 3. Becoming a member of the governing body has added a new dimension to my role as Assistant Headteacher and created further opportunities for me to make a difference.  I am the link governor for the Year 5 team of staff and children and play a role in the Governors' Curriculum Committee.  I enjoy and thrive on the challenge that comes with every aspect of school life and am passionate about high quality education and each and every child reaching their full potential. Nothing but the best is good enough.


John McAteer (Parent Governor)

Hello My name is John McAteer and I am delighted to have been selected as Parent Governor for Bedford Primary.  I am a father of three and my daughter attends Bedford Primary.  Through the role I hope to help the school continue to provide excellence in Education and help to build relationships between the parents and the School.  As the Parent of children with special educational needs also I will also be hoping to help the School and parents with the extra challenges a SEN child encounters.