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Our aim at Bedford is to introduce and encourage each child into the exciting world of music.  The emphasis is for children to both enjoy and appreciate the many ways in which music can give tremendous personal satisfaction.  Music is a largely practical activity provided to all children on a weekly basis throughout the school year, taught using a programme called Charanga.  Throughout the year children study a variety of musical styles, ranging from modern to classical. All children have opportunities to listen and respond to music, make music together as a class and in groups, sing songs and compose and communicate musical ideas with others. Children throughout the school are taught the basics in order to read music and are given frequent opportunities to perform to others. Year 4 are given the opportunity to learn to play the recorder and we have a growing school choir!  We are also in the process of training some of our choir to be singing leaders to lead songs during playtime.

Year 3

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Year 3 sing for Comic Relief!

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Year 4

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Year 4's performance of Cuckoo by Benjamin Britten

Year 5's performance of Starry Night

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Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015

Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 1
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 2
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 3
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 4
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 5
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 6
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 7
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 8
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 9
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 10
Hawthorn Lodge - December 2015 11
Our school choir were invited to perform for the residents of Hawthorn Lodge. They were fantastic! The children performed really well and made Mrs Boulton very proud. The residents and staff loved listening to the songs and chatting to the children. The residents said some lovely things about our performance, and even made Mrs Boulton cry!!! Well done to everyone in the choir, and a special thanks to Mr Townley, who runs the choir sessions. 

Let's Samba!

Let's Samba! 1
Let's Samba! 2
Let's Samba! 3
Let's Samba! 4
Let's Samba! 5
Let's Samba! 6
Let's Samba! 7
Let's Samba! 8
Every Monday this term Year 6 have been visiting Hillside to work with the music teacher there, Mr Richardson. During their time there they have learnt to play a samba piece called 'The Head'. Feedback from the children was really positive, and many hoped they could do it again!

Choir Christmas Celebrations!

Rocking around the Christmas tree

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On Tuesday families were invited to enjoy a mince pie while the choir entertained them around the Christmas tree. This was an opportunity for the choir to showcase what they have learnt this term. Since September the choir has grown in size and the children are becoming more confident performing. Here are just a few short extracts of their performance. Well done to all the children in the choir. We are very proud of you and can't wait to take you all out to do more performances next year. Happy Christmas!
PS - for members of the choir it restarts on Tuesday 12th January!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

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Jingle bells

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Feliz Navidad

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Traditional rhymes in Reception

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This term with Mrs Boulton we have been learning lots of traditional rhymes, finding the pulse of music and moving to music. We love our music sessions and this song is a particular favourite.

Singing Playgrounds

Singing Playgrounds 1
Singing Playgrounds 2
Singing Playgrounds 3
Singing Playgrounds 4
Singing Playgrounds 5
Singing Playgrounds 6
Singing Playgrounds 7
Every Monday our Song Leaders support singing at break time. Their role is to demonstrate and teach singing and clapping games, but most of all to have fun!

Glockenspiels in Reception.

Glockenspiels in Reception. 1
Glockenspiels in Reception. 2
Glockenspiels in Reception. 3
Glockenspiels in Reception. 4
Glockenspiels in Reception. 5
Glockenspiels in Reception. 6
Glockenspiels in Reception. 7

Christmas with the choir at Hawthorn Lodge

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The choir were delighted to be invited back again to perform for the residents of Hawthorn Lodge. They were amazing ! Great performance once again!
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