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After School Clubs

After School Clubs

A large part of our school’s Extended Services is our timetable of out of hours clubs. We are always keen to give as many children as possible the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities therefore we generally run clubs throughout the year on a rotational basis across KS1 and KS2. You will find copies of all Extra Curricular Club Timetables below. 


We cater for all tastes at Bedford - from baking to basketball, fashion & textiles to fencing via football, crafts to cricket, musical theatre to minecraft - and everything in between. We focus equally on sporting activities and creative endeavours, ensuring that our children receive a well-rounded array of after school activities.


We try to offer lots of different and seasonal activities so there is something for everyone. In order to deliver the best clubs to our children we charge a nominal fee of £2 per session per child, which includes all equipment used, materials, etc. If your child is interested in a club but you feel you may experience difficulty with financial contribution please do speak to us, in some circumstances school may be able to assist. Whilst clubs are an optional extra outside of normal school hours we would not want to see keen children miss out on our extra curricular opportunities for financial reasons. 


Children will require their usual indoor PE Kit which your child should already have in school plus a water bottle. For outdoor clubs an outdoor kit is requested, this can be a simple pair of joggers and a sweater or a tracksuit. For sports such as football, if boots/shin pads are recommended, our school has several sets available for children to borrow, this can be particularly useful if your child is trying an activity or sport for the first time and for a limited period. Please do talk to us if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child's enjoyment of after school activities.


We always check that all of the staff and volunteers supporting our clubs are appropriately trained and DBS cleared and our provision is continually monitored and evaluated to ensure they are the best they can be.


We undertake an annual survey of all the children in school to assess if we are offering the right clubs to suit their tastes; ask their opinion on clubs and how we can make our range of after school clubs the best they can be for our children.


Please follow the links below for Extra Curricular Timetables.