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A Taste of Spain

Year 3  November 2016

In year 3, we have been learning all about Spain: where it is, what the weather is like, it's customs and traditions and most importantly food! This month Mrs Lopez Thomas brought in a selection of Spanish dishes for us to try. We tried home made Tortilla (Spanish omelette), Aceitunas (green olives), Queso Manchego (Manchego Cheese) and lastly Chorizo (similar to Salami). We were very brave and tried everything. Our favourites were the Tortilla and Chorizo followed by the Manchego cheese. For most of us, we decided that the olives were an acquired taste but agreed that it is important to try new food as it can take up to seventeen times before we begin to enjoy a new flavour.


Year 3 have a taste of Spain


At Bedford, all children from Year 2 -6 have timetabled Spanish sessions with our Spanish teacher, Mrs Lopez Thomas, where we learn to communicate in a fun and practical way.   We learn an ever increasing range of vocabulary, building on it year upon year, eventually extending to simple sentence work which complements the grammar work undertaken in English lessons. Learning is practical and collaborative, and where appropriate recorded in our Spanish workbooks, to aid learning.

In KS1, the children are introduced to basic vocabulary and common phrases by regularly using Spanish greetings and through answering the class register in Spanish.

Spanish Long Term Plan

Linguist Champions
On occasion students in Key stage 2 will be nominated as linguist champions in recognition of their effort, ability, enthusiasm for and participation in Spanish. They will receive a badge along with 3 dojos. 

Year 4 talk about their families!


In year 4 we have learned the vocabulary for family members. From this, we then learned how to use the possessive pronouns my/your/his/her to say

My mum is called Kate. Mi mama se llama Kate.

Your dad is called Tom. Tu papa se llama Tom.

We even learned that a full stop is called a punto!

Next, we practised listing the people in our families. We drew cartoons of our families, wrote sentences and practised saying our sentences te=o one another.

Here are some examples. Can you understand what they are saying?

My Movie MFL feb 16.mp4

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Hola España!

Videoconferencing with Year 5 in Espa​ñol

 Viernes 11 de marzo 2016 

Today we 'Skyped' a class of schoolchildren our age in a place called Laxe in Galicia Northwest Spain. We have been revising body parts recently and decided to  show our Spanish friends our Head shoulders Knees and toes song in Spanish.


Cabeza, hombros

rodillas pies

rodillas pies x2  

Ojos, orejas, boca y nariz

Cabeza, hombros

rodillas pies

rodillas pies











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Year 3 learn about the customs and culture in España. As part of our Geography and Spanish curriculum.


In year 4  we know how to say many numbers and we've been learning the names of everyday classroom objects. We know that some are masculine and some are feminine (el or la). Most of us are able to build a sentence to say In my pencil case I have a pencil, two rubbers, a ruler, a sharpener and a pen.  Can you remember any of the things our Year 4 children can say?


Year 4 - classroom objects

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This is us

Uploaded by Xela Cuñarro on 2015-03-10.

Workshop International - Our link school in Santiago de Compostela


We are very lucky to have a link school in Santiago De Compostela in North West Spain! They sent us a video showing us around their school! We made a video to send back to them!

Welcome to Bedford

Still image for this video