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Our Curriculum:


At Bedford Primary School, we recognise that the curriculum we deliver is the toolkit we send our children out into the world with. It reflects our context, core values and the kind of citizens we want them to be. We have to be ambitious for them and prepare them for a rapidly changing digital world.

"To learn a language is to have one more window from which

 to look at the world."  Chinese Proverb       

The skills of a great linguist:


  • The ability to listen to, repeat and apply new words and phrases to our lessons
  • To use prior learning of words, phrases and phonics and apply them to new learning
  • To have the confidence to have a go & communicate without fear of making a mistake
  • To notice patterns in words, root words and compare them to our own language to help us to decipher their meaning
  • To practise a little every day so that we become great linguists
  • To learn about the culture and traditions of Spain & other Spanish speaking countries
  • To have fun learning Spanish ready for our future travels​​​​​​​


Our vision for Spanish at Bedford:

About Spanish at Bedford:


At Bedford, we begin timetabled Spanish lessons in Year 3 and build on our skills each year until we leave Bedford in Year 6. Focusing mainly on the practical nature of language acquisition, class teachers deliver regular Spanish lessons using our Language Angels programme,  including powerpoints, games and worksheets. We begin by learning the basic core vocabulary, which includes greetings, talking about yourself, colours, numbers, calendar, basic grammar and the alphabet, before moving on to general topics or those related to our year group themes.  Lessons are engaging, simple and fun using repetition and games to consolidate learning.  We often use the morning register as an opportunity to practise some of our Spanish learning in the week. Throughout our time at Bedford we have many opportunities to learn about Spanish culture: this includes learning about festivals, traditions and food. We compare our traditions to those in Spain and South America. It is rare for too much time to go by without us tasting paella or Spanish omelette!

All of this prepares us to be confident linguists prepared for the workforce and to communicate as we travel across the globe feeling at home wherever we go. 

Continue the Spanish Learning Journey at Home

You can now access Language angels and enjoy the many games and karaoke from home via the website or download the Language Angels app from the appstore and use the following to login:


username:  la2023spanish   password: la2023spanish


Additionally, you can brush up your linguistic skills using the free app 'Duolingo'