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Sefton Warm Spaces


Warm Spaces are places where people can gather for free in a warm, safe, welcoming place and maybe enjoy a hot drink and some company.

Working alongside voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations and in partnership with Sefton Council we have established a network of Warm Spaces across Sefton this winter. These include libraries, community centres, community hubs and other places offering a warm welcome and free to use for anyone struggling to heat their home.

All ‘Warm Spaces’ will be heated, safe and friendly places where you can comfortably spend time reading, studying or chatting with others. Some venues, our ‘Enhanced’ Warm Spaces, will also offer hot drinks and food, activities, and other services such as free Wi-Fi.

To ensure you always get a warm welcome and everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect our Warm Space venues will uphold the Sefton Warm Space Charter.

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Sefton CVS website also has a directory

Please see flyer above containing information on whether your child would need to attend A&E depending on their symptoms - helping support our health services given the increased demand on paediatric services.

Strep A advice and guidance on who to contact and when: