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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 



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Stay Safe Online: THINK SMART!

What should I do if I see something upsetting online?

Stop – If you see something you don’t like, then don’t click on it. If something appears during a video or article you are viewing, close it.


Think – Remember, you are safe and in control.  Don’t respond to any messages which make you feel upset of uncomfortable.  It is important not to share or pass on anything upsetting.  Anything you share can easily be seen online.


Share – If you find anything upsetting then make sure you TELL someone. A                                     trusted adult will be able to help you block it and report it effectively.


For further information visit our Bedford Staying Safe page:

Learning at home


Click the links below to practise skills learnt in school at home.

 Click to read 7 top tips to support reading at home

Spelling list for Years 3 & 4 


Click on the owl to see the list.  How many can you read and spell?

Choose a word.  Can you use it correctly in a sentence?

Times Tables


Click on the logo to use TTRS.

Remember to practise every day!



Click on the Numbot to access even more maths resources.

Your teacher will also suggest activities to use.

For further information on the topics your child will be exploring in Year 4 please click on the plan below