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Year 2


· School starts at 8:50am doors open at 8:45am.

· You need to bring a water bottle into school every day.

· You only need a bookbag on a Friday when your reading book will be changed.

· Please  come to school in your PE kit on                                                                                                          Wed and Fri if you are in class 2W or Wed and Thurs if you are in class 2S

· If you wish to talk to class teachers you can contact us via the email address below and leave a contact      number for us to give you a call.


Welcome to the Year 2 learning at home page


This page has been developed to support  families who are currently at home for a sustained period (due to self-isolation, social distancing etc). This page will be updated each week to ensure that your child has instant and immediate access to learning opportunities that are current and reflective of the learning that is taking place in school.  


During any time away from school, please do not feel under any pressure to complete all of the activities.  Find a routine that suits the needs of your family.  We cannot stress enough the importance of daily reading.  See below for 7 top tips to support reading at home.


Thank you from all of us in Team Year 2



You can contact us via the email address below.                             

We aim to respond to any messages within 24 hours



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What should I do if I see something upsetting online?

Stop – If you see something you don’t like, then don’t click on it. If something appears during a video

you are watching, close it.


Think – Remember, you are safe.  Don't answer any messages that are upsetting.  Only kind and sensible things should be shared online.


Share – TELL a trusted adult as soon as you can so that they can block and report anything upsetting.

Parent Guide to Remote Learning

Click on the Oxford Reading Buddy logo to log in and access the books allocated to your child by class teachers.
Click here to access the Deepening Understanding website.
Click on this link to access the Developing Experts website.

Design a poster - Why is smoking unhealthy?

Click below to read the new Story Time Magazine

Stay Safe Online: THINK SMART!

Online Safety: Interland

Click on the image to play Interland and become an internet legend.

Suitable for age 7 years+.

For further information visit our Bedford Staying Safe page:



Click on the image to watch  three video animations designed to give 4-7 year olds the knowledge, skills and confidence to help them respond safely to risks they may encounter online.

Click on the image to play 'Picnic on Planet Pluto' with characters Obb and Bob.  







Dragon's Den is great for reading and sorting a mixture of real and nonsense words too. Click on the dragons to get started. 






Drag the coins with the real words on them to the treasure chest.  Put the nonsense words in the dustbin! 










Spelling list for Year 2

Click on the owl to see the list.  How many can you read and spell? Choose a word.  Can you use it correctly in a sentence?



Click on the Numbot to access even more maths resources.

Your teacher will suggest the activities to use. 

Knowledge Organisers


Below are the Knowledge Organisers we are currently using in Science and History/Geography. A Knowledge Organiser is a document which shows the key vocabulary, facts and concepts that we want children to fully understand and be able to discuss by the end of the unit.   A Knowledge Organiser also gives children a chance to do some further research and reading at home.  An important part of learning is recalling and remembering these key words and facts.  Quick, fun quizzes and regular revision and discussion at home will support your child to embed this essential information.  Every time your child recalls a fact, the easier it is for the brain to find and remember the next time!

Our History topic this term is 'The Great Fire of London'

Our Geography Topic This Term is 'Continents and Oceans'

For further information about the topics your child will be covering this year please see below.

Click to read 7 top tips to support reading at home