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Year 1 2021-22

"Learning is a change in long-term memory" 

  Paul Kirschner

If nothing has changed - nothing has been learned





Key Aspects of Year 1 of our Thinking Schools Journey



  • Future Proofing: Becoming a Thinking School  helps prepare and future proof our children for 21st (and even 22nd century) life.
  • Teacher Knowledge: A Thinking School is built on consistent approaches and underpinned by a common language of learning.  During Year 1, staff are developing an understanding of cognitive (brain) science and its role in developing lifelong learning skills.


  • Learning about how to Learn (Metacognition): Self awareness and self-regulation are key as emotions and motivation are crucial aspects of learning.
  • Retrieval Practice/Intelligent Repetition: Ensuring that key and essential knowledge, skills and vocabulary are given the emphasis and repetition needed for transferral to the long-term memory.  Teaching something is not enough - we must ensure that the intended learning for each curriculum subject, actually takes place.

Retrieval Practice & Intelligent Repetition

Staff Professional Development

Thinking School Assemblies - Involving Pupils in the Journey