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Brazil comes to Bedford

Today we launched our 'Brazil Comes to Bedford' Olympic Activities with a special Olympic Assembly. We learned lots of facts and figures about the Olympics and Brazil, including the names of the stadia where the events will take place; the history of the Olympics and we even saw some pictures of the Olympic Torch route which is taking place at the moment in Brazil.

The most exciting part of the Assembly was the live draw when each class was assigned a country which they will represent during our Olympic Games. Our flag bearers collected the flags for their classes to be represented as follows: RO India; RG Turkey; 1F Portugal; 1M Italy; 2F Poland; 2sBulgaria; 3W Morroco; 3C Egypt; 4D Mexico; 4A South Africa; 5K Brazil; 5G Lebanon; 6N Sri Lanka; 6F Hungary. Each class will research its country including the culture, food and other interesting facts.

Mrs Braithwaite had one more exciting announcement to make at the Assembly - the whole school will be learning a Samba dance which will be performed at our Closing Ceremony on July 12th 2016, to which all parents and guardians will be invited.  

Viva os Jogos Olympicos!